Vertical Packaging Machines with Counting and Weighing Systems

Are you looking for a Furniture Kits Packaging Solution?

Our Vertical Packaging Machines are what you are looking for

We design complete lines for the packaging of furniture kits, plastic or metal, with weighing and counting systems

We are VPack company and we have been operating in the packaging industry for over 20 years. The experience acquired in many years of activity allows us to offer our customers innovative and extremely functional solutions, guaranteeing an accurate design and on-time assistance service at every stage.

  • We design packaging machines and automatic lines based on the specific needs of the customer
  • We build our machines with competence and the highest quality materials
  • The interventions are guaranteed and certified to comply with the regulations in terms of safety
  • We have always available spare parts for mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components
Each packaging machine is created by our designers to comply any customer need, even the most peculiar.

If you are looking for a solution suitable for your application contact us, we can design custom packaging lines according to your product.

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